The Things Network Connect Basis (IoT)

Hands-on Workshop to get started with LoRaWAN

Internet of Things Tech

Over deze workshop

Workshops are instrumental in understanding the potential of Internet of Things and the LoRaWAN protocol. It covers how to work with the technology and also in depth about the architectural principles to put things in perspective of other technologies. During the workshop, participants can quickly build solutions with a comprehensive, step by step prototyping approach.

The workshop is designed in giving a complete understanding of what Internet of Things can do for you. Including insights in short and long term business models.

Workshops typically have a technical focus, but can also provide insight to people with non-technical background.

Wat ga ik leren?

  • Smart city end-to-end application
  • LoRa and LoRaWAN crash course
  • Setting up and programming an end device
  • Prototyping a use case
  • Integrate your application with major cloud platforms


  • Hands on session

    Learn about the potential of TTN and build your first connection!



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Taal Nederlands, Engels
Certificaat Na afronding van deze workshop ontvang je een certificaat van de Haagse Makers Academy.
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